I have tried a number of fitness regimens over the years because first it keeps me from getting bored with my workouts and second as I get older changing things up seems to help me stay in shape a little easier.

What programs have I tried? I am glad you asked!!!

Let’s see…..P90X, P90X+ (you probably didn’t know about this one), Interval Training, Circuit Training, Steady state cardio, Martial Arts, old fashioned resistance training… a lot of stuff…

……I have used free weights, machines, treadmills, run on tracks, used heavy bags, sand bags, medicine balls, pull up bars, dip bars, the Total Gym, kettlebells and resistance bands.

However….with all that said I have found that the very best basic activity for general fitness and health is WALKING.

Here is why……regardless of fitness level most people can do it, you can do it almost anywhere, it is generally free and all you need is a pair of good shoes.

About ten years ago I had a few major life changes that eventually contributed to a 30lb weight gain. Then one day I had the opportunity to see pictures of myself in a social setting and I was stunned!! I knew I had to get back to being active and healthy.

I didn’t have nor did I want to pay for a gym membership and being the father of two young children I didn’t have much time either.

….So I began WALKING. ..roughly about 30-40 minutes 5 times per week……I got some comfortable walking shoes and I would park about 15 minutes or so away from work and walk the rest of the way. In addition, there was extra exertion because I carried a shoulder bag not to mention the days I was running late where I had to quicken my pace.

I dropped all of the weight over the course of several weeks just by walking…no gym…no weights…no extreme fitness routine …no running …..JUST WALKING DAILY…..well I also was more conscious of my eating habits too (more on that another day!).

There are many many options out there to be active and get fit but don’t underestimate how WALKING can be a path to get fit!!!


“It is perfectly fine to be Not PerFIT”