I am sure you are very familiar with how on any given day it is soooo hard to get motivated to workout.  It seems excuses are always within easy reach….

I will do it tomorrow

All of my “workout gear” is dirty

I don’t feel well

I don’t have time today

I am too tired

It’s raining

It’s too cold

It’s too hot

Or……I just plain don’t feel like it.


Well I have found that when you push through and “just do it”, after you finish your workout you feeeeel sooooo good!!!

It’s undeniable!!

And what I mean is you feel good about yourself because you have done something that you know is good for you.  What it amounts to is that you have invested in yourself and there is a sense of accomplishment.

Think about the last time you worked out and how you felt afterwards…..I bet your mood was light and you were upbeat and you probably had an internal smile going on….even a temporary slight feeling of euphoria!

The more you have to push through to workout, the better the feeling when you get it done.

I think it is impossible to finish a workout and NOT feel good about yourself…a least for a little while!!


……..If you are feeling a little down….GO Workout

If you are having trouble getting motivated to workout think about that temporary state of euphoria you will feel afterwards and…GO Workout.

All I can say is …..

….Oh what a feeling!!!!!


It is perfectly fine to be NotPerFit”