I believe a really good approach to achieving your fitness and health goals is to prepare your own food as much as possible. I am not against eating out…in fact, I look forward to it!! It is just that to enhance the chances of achieving AND maintaining health and fitness goals eating out should be the exception and not the rule.

Now why prepare your own food?…..Glad you asked!

Well you can control the ingredients and how meals are prepared…..meaning you can eat “clean” as they say.

Now what does eating “clean” mean?

In my mind this means lean meats, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fruits, nuts and healthy oils. It doesn’t mean starving yourself…..far from it. However, you would be limiting if not eliminating added sugars, unnecessary sodium and unhealthy fats. I know, I know……that sounds like food without flavor but there are a world of spices that can add flavor plus they provide additional health benefits. Clean also means not consuming prepackaged, processed foods they usually come in boxes and plastic so beware if that fills your grocery cart or kitchen cabinet.

Logically speaking if preparing you own “clean” meals is a great way to be fit and healthy then that means fitness starts in the kitchen.

How do you start you might ask?

The first step is to stock your kitchen with the right food to set yourself up for success. Alejandro Junger, M.D., author of the book Clean Eats provides a great blueprint on how to stock your kitchen for “clean” eating. A properly stocked kitchen gives you what you need to eat healthy, be fit and maintain a healthy weight. I highly recommend his book. Compare what you have in your kitchen to what Dr. Junger outlines below then start your fitness journey….in the kitchen!!




















“It is perfectly fine to be Not PerFIT”