I am an avid fan of mixed martial artists (MMA) and I once heard a MMA fighter say “Success is not owned but rented and the rent is due everyday”. I instantly fell in love with the quote and I though it applied to our struggle with fitness – “Being Fit is never owned but rented and the rent is due daily”.

What does this mean?

Well, we all are faced with daily decisions that contribute to us meeting our fitness goals…or keep us from obtaining our fitness goals.

In other words…..

  • Should I eat a pastry or have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast?
  • Should I get a snack out of the vending machine or should I have an apple with peanut butter or some other healthy snack.
  • Did I pack a lunch or am I going out to eat a high calorie, fat laden, high carb, high sugar lunch?
  • Did I take the stairs or the elevator?
  • Did I park close to the door or am I willing to walk a few more steps?
  • Fries or a salad?
  • Did I go to the gym today?
  • Did I go for a walk today?
  • Did I eat green leafy vegetables today?
  • Did I order a soda or water?
  • Fried or grilled?
  • Chips or fruit?
  • Did a get adequate sleep or did I watch the late movie?
  • Did I did I eat 1 serving or 3?

You get the message …….

Making the right choices every day is the rent due to achieving our Fit goals thereby getting Fit and staying Fit!

Of course you can opt to not pay your rent and you will NOT achieve your Fit goals and eventually your fitness will be evicted so to speak…..and that goes for everybody….and I mean everybody!

I can think of few if any instances in life where achieving success at something of significance requires less than daily effort.

I GET IT …I know it is hard!!!   It is hard to consistently make good decisions!

Well guess what? We are not PerFit right? Of course not!!!

But we have to strive to make good decisions EVERYDAY and when we stumble we have to regain our footing.

If we totally fall off the wagon we have to brush ourselves off, shake the guilt and get back on the wagon.

Just Do Not Quit! Continue to make progress because progress IS perfection!

We have to develop an everyday mindset when it comes to fitness and health….your body, mind and soul are depending on you……because the rent IS DUE DAILY!


“It is perfectly fine to be NotPerFit”