There are certainly times when everybody and I do mean EVERYBODY does not feel like working out or devoting the time and effort takes to be healthy.  We all experience it…some of us more than others.  Unfortunately there are no easy answers to solving this….you just have to finds ways to push past this feeling……simple but HARD.


Now you can find different ways to motivate yourself but today I want to talk about the motivation to be gained from the people you interact with and the people you are exposed to.


One of my best friends recently took time off from a hectic schedule and flew his wife to Miami for quality time together.  Quite naturally he got in some beach time and he also took note of the number of fit people there and how just being around them inspired him to hold fast to his own fitness journey.  He expressed how important he thought it was to be around people who were Fit to help keep you motivated to commit the time and effort necessary to be healthy and Fit.



I found that I agree with him……but I will tweak it and at the same time delve a little deeper into this concept.


I have found it helpful to have communications will people in all aspects of my life who are on some type of health and fitness journey.  Most have their struggles just as I do.  Some are more Fit than others, some are more Fit than I am, some are really Fit, some have a lot of work to do but they ALL continue to strive.


Some are friends, some are co-workers, some are relatives, some are neighbors, and some are church members.


But all of them are what I call Fit and healthy aware, meaning they have at least a basic understanding of being fit and healthy, and nearly all of them actively are trying to actually be more fit and healthy.


What is the benefit to these relationships you may ask?


Well…whenever you engage with them it is likely something having to do with fitness and health may come up in conversation at some time or another and the following can occur:


  • You gain positive re-enforcement that your fitness journey is worth it.
  • You may gain more awareness or education
  • You will get inspired by their efforts……this is particularly beneficial when you are in a rut
  • You may inspire them
  • You may work out together
  • You may agree to hold each other accountable
  • You will realize you are not the only who struggles



So a key part of your fitness journey should be to identify and build relationships with people who are also on a fitness journey.

It doesn’t matter if they are new to the journey or have been on the journey for years you can be inspired by them and you can also inspire.



“It is perfectly fine to be NotPerFit”