Have you ever noticed how it is nothing like a sunny day to brighten your mood and how alive you feel when the warmth of the sun hits your face and body?


It is absolutely wonderful!


A study, by Gavin Lambert of the Baker Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia shows that the brain produces more of the mood-lifting chemical serotonin on sunny days than on darker days.


Actually, I don’t think we need researchers to tell us how great a sunny day can make you feel.


I remember a few years back my father had health challenges and spent several weeks in a rehab hospital working to regain his mobility.  Well he didn’t particularly enjoy his stay as the food was terrible and the building was cold, coupled with the fact he was trying to mentally adjust to new found challenges with mobility and independence.

I will never forget how as soon he was able to become mobile enough to spend time in the sun his entire mood changed.  He was more upbeat with a greatly improved positive outlook and he worked harder at his rehab activities.


In fact…when he came home he would enthusiastically go outside to continue his rehab exercises on how own….enjoying the sun’s “feel good” powers!


So I say……….. take advantage of sunny days and…….


Walk! Run! Climb! Garden! Ride! Hike! Skate! Play a sport!


Just be active and do something for goodness sakes!!


….and feel how great it is to be alive!


Go outside…get off the couch……enjoy the sunshine….and go get your exercise on!  What a great way to take yet another step on your journey to be more Fit and live a little healthier.


“It is perfectly fine to be NotPerFit”