One thing I have learned on this very challenging road to getting and staying in reasonable shape is that there are three things almost everyone has to have to successfully START their fitness journey


  1. Motivation

No matter how you slice it you have to get motivated…..I know…I know…tell you something you don’t know! Well what I can tell you is there are basically two sources of motivation:

One, you finally get fed up with your current state….you are tired of the jelly belly, thunder thighs, saggy arms,….you are tired of being winded carrying groceries, walking stairs, playing with kids,… are tired of clothes that don’t fit, looking at what you see in the mirror, wearing big shirts and wraps at the pool/beach….So tired you finally do something about it!

The second is an external factor such as an event or criticism that is important enough to get you going…..think health scare, wedding, reunion, seeing an old flame, being bullied over your lack of fitness, ….these are examples.  I once scheduled a date to take professional sexy underwear pictures (Think Calvin Klein) and paid the photographer in advance so I would lose my money if I cancelled.  Yep I was motivated for sure!

So if you are not fed up yet try to find or create an external motivating factor be it negative or positive to hitch your wagon to and get yourself going.

  1. Ownership

You have to take ownership of your own fitness.  It’s your life and your health. What does ownership mean well to me it means understanding the responsibility for your current level of fitness gets assigned to you and the power to change your level of fitness rests with you…..NOT ANYONE ELSE!  You have one body and it must last you your whole life SO YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE to keep in in good working order!

  1. Education

Education is third piece of this fitness trinity.  You don’t know what you don’t know…soooooo you got to get learning!  Begin to educate yourself on what it means to be healthy to compare against how you currently live.  Learn about various forms of physical activities and see which ones you would be interested in trying. Look up healthy foods to eat and research healthy cooking methods.

This takes time so be patient but you have to commit.  The good thing is that today there are many ways to educate yourself on fitness….you can follow blogs like this one, hire a personal trainer/nutritionist, subscribe to fitness magazines/newsletters, engage your personal physician…you just have to put in the time.


Motivation, Ownership and Education are not only critical to FINALLY getting started on your fitness journey but they inform each other to keep you going!


It is perfectly fine to be NotPerFit”